Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I'm on the Countdown to Halloween, so I promise that I'll.. countdown.

Also, I've acquired my costume! Thanks to Target for once again giving me the inspiration. Or, more like, giving Emily the inspiration for me to steal.

So to all you newcomers, HI! What would YOU like to see me talk about this Halloween?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Post 1: Who Let the Mummies Out?

So, now it's October. I know this because, well.. my calendar told me.

And because the leaves are falling everywhere, that smell is in the air.. And I'm searching for a good costume to wear to work.

Also, because my pharmacy is now decked out with Halloween awesomeness. I'm already addicted to Bat Dots, and now, I've got things to decorate my car with.

Including, Caeser.

Now, let me tell you a little story.

It's a busy day at work (I'm a technician at a pharmacy chain that consists of 3 letters.). I'm kind of blah, and this girl comes up with something in her hands that she's named Gunther.

Gunther is the kitty cat you see up there. Now, I'd seen him sitting on the shelf at work with the other Halloween knick knacks. What I didn't know, and didn't realize, was that Gunther SINGS.
Yes, he sings. Of course he does. Halloween isn't Halloween without something singing at you.. You know, werewolves of london or thriller or something..
Now she tells me, Gunther sings, and he very much made her day with his singing. Why don't I try him out? He'll make my day.
Now I'm about to say no, but the look on her face tells me that I should indulge. So I press the little purple button on Gunther's leg. Immediately, Gunther springs to life.
Yes, he springs. He flails, and in a shrill voice he opens with:

I immediately, out of shock, shut him off, and proceed to laugh. Gunther had made my night in being so ridiculous as to start singing something totally random as Who Let the Dogs Out.
The Baha Men must be so proud that their anthem is being belted by a black cat with bandages all over him.
Now, as soon as he belts this tune and I shut him off, I'd decided. I must have a Gunther of my own. And, to my shock, he's 25 percent off!
So I bought a Gunther, who I've dubbed Caeser, and brought him home to show my family.
Something I hadn't noticed previously that I was happy to find when I got home.. Not only does my Caeser sing and flail? His eyes glow red as he does it!
Talk about Halloween spirit!!
Caeser is going to sit in my rear window, taunting passersby with an unsung song as they see him. He will sit amongst some black and orange garland, and be my mascot for Halloween.
Then maybe I'll put a Santa hat on him....