Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So... much... snark...

So okay, my family just got a beeeautiful new living room set (basically we got everything new except the lighting, our DVD shelves, the carpet, and the walls). We have this gorgeous chocolate brown loveseat and couch set, and a 60 inch flat screen tv.

I also made a contribution, and put a blu ray player in there.

Okay, I'll stop licking the screen over this.

The reason I'm excited is because the other night I was terrribly bored, and decided to watch a movie in there. The movie? Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer.

Now why is this important to all of you in blogland? I'll tell you why. I watched it, and there was so much damn snark to be had, that I'm going to write a recap of it!

Yes, you read right! I will FINALLY be doing what I promised! I'll be writing a recap!!

Now, it is going to take some time. As a friend of mine said recently, writing isn't easy. And writing while watching a DVD is even harder.

So be prepared!!