Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In which I totally fail as a blogger.

Do you know it's hard to write stuff on a blog?

It is.

Especially when you think "OMGZ THIS'LL GO RIGHT ON MY BLOG!" when you're out somewhere thinking about this super great topic.. And then you get home.. and well.. you really don't feel like it anymore.

Procrastination ahoy!

That said, sorry for being lame over the no Halloween posts. Or Thankgiving. Or Christmas.

But I will make it up to you. I will tell you what I got for Christmas.

My big gift (besides lots of money) was an Amazon Kindle. Yes, the thing that you put books on. I'd kind of wanted a Barnes & Noble Nook, but due to Barnes & Noble not realizing that ZOMG people read a LOT and putting out a piece of electronics that is not only blatantly awesome but even more blatantly awesome than ever, it was sold out as soon as you could look at it.

And then sold out again. I know it's probably a supply and demand DREAM, but if you want people to buy your stuff... shouldn't you like.. have it to sell? None of this "preorder so we can send it to you sometime in February!" shit. If I want something, I want it now. I hate waiting.

So anyway. I've named my Kindle Giles. Yes. Giles. And yes, my electronics (mostly) have names. My PC is Deep Thought. And I think my iPod had a name, but it won't tell me.

Evil little bastard.

Anyway, I also got a boatload of Wii games: Super Mario Bros. (I played this for 30 minutes and had to put it down because otherwise I would have stayed up all night until I finished it), Punch-Out, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Smash Hits (which of course includes a song that is the BANE of my existance for reasons I will not put on this blog), and Rock Band 2.

I like my music.

I also received a pair of Grinch Pajamas, including a pair of Merry Grinchmas boxer shorts that will probably live to scare the daylights out of me repeatedly. There's something about Grinchy eyes, dude. Especially at 3am when you're in the bathroom, and as you go to pull up your boxers you realize that you've got 3 scary yellow eyes staring at you. (3 yellow eyes, yes. Apparently there's an overlap on the eyes in the escape flap that mens' boxers are so fond of. Being a girl, I have no use for this flap)

My father also gave me license to buy 6 books for my Kindle (yay!), and my mother and he presented me with a 50 dollar Barnes & Noble gift card, but were rather shocked to learn that I couldn't put anything I bought with the gift card on my precious Kindle. But, I assured them, not only is it impossible for EVERY SINGLE BOOK to be on Kindle, I like real books. It wouldn't go to waste (it didn't).

The money they gave me went to the purchase of 10 books, One Tree Hill season 6 (I seriously needed my Leyton fix. It made me very happy and I'm contemplating re-watching it), House seasons 4 & 5 (have I mentioned my love for older British men yet?), The Wizard of Oz on blu-ray (ooooh so pretty), Angel seasons 1 & 2 (I've never seen it.. I KNOW! I KNOW! It was also on sale 14.99 for 2 seasons together!), and some clothing from Old Navy (ho hum right?).

I just finished watching Julie & Julia, which probably explains why I've hopped onto my blog. And also why I made fettucine alfredo (well.. spaghetti with butter and half and half with parmesean cheese) afterwards. I want to do something, I want to set a goal.

I also want to write my goddamn novel, but that's harder that walking through dry concrete. My thoughts are all up there and zero drafts make no sense to me. Putting it all together means I'll have to re-read it. And when I re-read, I delete.

I was thinking, what if I wrote in the blog about my 2010 goal of 100 books? I did succeed reading 100 this year, but I'm not too sure if people here would really LIKE reading about books that I've read. It might be boring.

What about movies? 100 movies. Or 365 movies next year. One movie a day. Any movie. Even one I've seen before?

I don't know. I'm overreaching. Let me know what you think! I'm currently lurking over at Matt's X-E Christmas Fallout (as Cat the Vampire Slayer), but I'd love to hear what you have to say!