Saturday, March 9, 2013

Random crap and a movie review.

So you guys, if you're even seeing this, are very... patient? I mean, I always go "Okay I have to post something"... and I never do, because I either forget what I'm going to say, or what I say comes out really dumb.

Such is life, I guess.

The fact of the matter is, and I've probably said this before, if you type in "Hypnocil" into google, this blog is number 5 on the results page. This means I MUST. MUST. MUST. I must do something.

So I'm going to do a short review! Recently, I rented the movie Sinister. If you haven't watched it yet, I apologize if I give any spoilers.

(Here's where I was going to put an image of the movie poster, but looking up sinister gives me images from the movie that already creeped me out. Yeah thanks, next I'm totally going to look up "Exorcist makeup" and cry. Nope.)

So, basically, the movie is about a family that moves into the house where a weird murder takes place. The movie actually STARTS with footage of the murder, which was 4 family members hanged from a tree in their backyard, execution style, filmed with a Super 8. That's not a spoiler. That's how the movie begins. Watch the first few minutes of this movie and turn it off and walk away. Dare ya. You can't. It's just too... unnerving.

What happens IN the movie, more in depth, is a tale about demons and cult sacrifices, and a writer who wants to make a name of himself by investigating this murder. Yeah, btw, the guy got his 15 minutes of fame by opening up a murder case that was long since closed and giving more insight on it. So he's kind of a jerk, a big drinker, you know, what every single writer in media seems to be.

I mean granted, Stephen King was all of those things and more when he started out, but that doesn't mean we all are. Now where's the fucking bourbon? (If you get that reference, congratulations, you're obviously in the right place)

So I saw this movie with my father (who I try to see most horror movies with. It goes like this, when I was younger he'd take me to see Disney movies when they first came out, and as I started to get older and into the scary stuff, we started making that our tradition.), and I was kind of meh on it. Like, I could understand why the writer wrote this after having a nightmare based on the movie The Ring, especially when it came to the supernatural parts, but I wasn't all that impressed.

Fast forward a week later. I took said movie to the best friend's house, and a group of us girls watched it together. Maybe it was the fact that I'd had a little bit to drink, or that I was with a bunch of girls, or I kept FORGETTING the jump scares (there are a couple, and they caught me by surprise the SECOND TIME I watched it), but I did not want to leave her house and take that long drive home. And when I did, a black and white mailbox sent shivers up my spine and scared the absolute shit out of me.

Yes, I thought, and still kind of do, that the demon itself is very much a pedo in a mask (look it up if you want to see that spoiler), even though they say he is in fact a demon. And yes, that movie would have benefit by having maybe 9 more lights on at all time. Shit was DARK, and I don't mean in theme. I mean in you can't see a damn thing on the screen. But all in all, it gave me a good creep, and the Super 8 movies are crazy. Very unsettling. I'm sure had I seen the first one, the one that played at the beginning, I might have just packed my family up and moved the fuck out ASAP.

Though honestly, if I found a box of home movies in my attic, I wouldn't watch them. I learned from The Ring that you do not watch something if you are not ABSOLUTELY sure what it is. Because it will be a cursed video tape and kill you.

But Sinister did a good job. I applaud it for it's efforts. The end. Hopefully more to come (more in the blogverse, not a sequel to Sinister)