Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay. Yeah. I'm Here.

I said this last time, I'm saying it again. Blogs are fucking hard work. Anyone that bitches because someone doesn't post on their blog enough? Try blogging.

First you have to write about something that interests you. Then you have to blog about something that interests you AND the people that may or may not be reading this.

And then you have to actually.. you know, write it.

I want to call myself a writer, but you know, it's not an easy thing to be.

So maybe I'll just start with a quick rundown of what's been going on in my life since.. last May.

I went to Monster Mania in Maryland (September), and I didn't blog about it. I didn't even write about it in my livejournal, how lame is that?

So... let's talk about that!!

So you know, Monster Mania is a horror movie convention that takes place a few times a year, and being stuck on not knowing what I wanted for my birthday, I perused their site randomly and... ZOFMGFFF and all that, TIM CURRY was going to be there.

I've loved him since I was 9. I blame him for my obsession with British men.

So anyway, I decided for my birthday I wanted a ticket to this crazy shindig in Hunt Valley. I mean hell, half the cast from Nightmare on Elm Street 3 was going to be there too, and that's one of my favorites! Meeting NANCY? HELL YES!

UNFORTUNATELY, Tim Curry had to cancel about a week after I bought my ticket. I'm under the assumption that he heard I was coming and ran screaming into the night. But that was okay. Robert Englund was going to be there. I got to meet Freddy Krueger.

He was pretty damn awesome. You want to be in a room with a guy who's not only been CLASSICALLY trained as an actor, but has spend 20 years being an iconic horror figure, and is very loving about it. He loves Freddy, he knows all about the character. He's so incredibly intelligent it makes my head spin. I could listen to Robert Englund talk all day. Really. And he liked my two vhs set of Nightmare on Elm Street. He went "Retro! This is fantastic!!" It made me happy.

You don't know how awesome people are until you meet them in person. These actors were amazing. Heather Langenkamp is one of the nicest women I will ever meet, she's adorable. And for a woman that tells you in her movies to never fall asleep, she told me to go to bed because it was past 2! (It was so cute, I couldn't stop grinning, and violently texted my best friend to tell her that NANCY TOLD ME TO GO TO SLEEP!)

I met John Saxon, and my dad was a bit starry eyed over him. You see, I didn't realize how great a man, and how big an actor John Saxon really is. He was... so incredibly nice. You know, I keep saying that, but it's so true. This man totally just, got it. It was like when we met David Carradine at Spooky World when I was younger. They're just so happy to see not only one generation, but two that are like "I know who you are!" (my favorite thing was when my dad said he remembered watching David Carradine when he was younger, David said "oh I remember you, you sat right there in front of the tv". Funny guy.)

Everyone just seemed so happy to welcome these guests over the weekend. Kane Hodder LOVED my father (well who doesn't love Santa, right?). This girl who was in some random movies where I'm sure she was naked most of the time was there with her 4 kids, and she couldn't keep her hands of my dad, and even dragged him to meet her husband. She was practically in love with my dad, and it was amusing as hell.

I'm saving some of the best for last because honestly, Rodney Eastman and Ken Sagoesfrom Nightmare 3 were so sweet, and Jennifer Rubin and Brooke Bundy were adorable (Brooke was so thrilled to meet me because I had the same name as her daughter!).

My favorite guy to meet though? Ira Heiden. You might not know his name off the top of your head, but if you've ever seen Nightmare 3, you'd know The Wizard Master. You want to meet a super awesome guy who's just so incredibly friendly, funny, and will remember you the entire weekend AND ask if you're having fun AND STEAL YOUR IPHONE SO HE CAN MAKE SURE THE PICTURE YOU TOOK OF HIM WAS GOOD? AND MAKE YOU TAKE ANOTHER CUZ HE WASNT SURE IT WAS PERFECT? Yeah. Totally have a crush on him right now.

I'm okay. Really.

I got some superb bootlegs (Evil Dead the Musical! Carrie the Musical!), a Pennywise hoodie from the awesome ass people at Fright Rags (you want to see Kristy light up at the table? Mention you know who she is because of Johnny Boots over at Freddy in Space. Great people, seriously) that scares me enough so I have to turn it inside out when I hang it up.

That was my best moment of 2010. This year? It's been a little rocky. I lost my car to some black ice (I wasn't hurt) but actually ended up with the same exact kind to replace it, only a newer year and much better parts. It's been dubbed The Aluminium Falcon.

I'm hoping hoping hoping that I get to go to another Monster Mania, and that my big vacation of the year wasn't dedicated to a weekend at Cape Cod on the offseason where I gave Santa Clauses nametags and numbers so children could pick which one they thought was the 'real' Santa. (I wish I were kidding. I'm so not.)

So here's a start. I'm going to work hard on this. It was hard at first to come back because, well, honestly? I lost my password. And I forgot the email associated with. And I just generally sucked.


I'm going to see Scream 4 next week at midnight. And hopefully we'll have something to blog about then.

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