Monday, September 19, 2011

Horror movie challenge: As many as I can stand until Halloween..

Well, we'll see where this takes me! Currently I'm up to 33 horror movies by Halloween, and I'm going to try to see how many more I can get there.

I have to say, I re-watched the Scream trilogy (though it's not quite a trilogy anymore is it?), and I can watch them a hundred times without getting bored. Hopefully when I get Scream 4, I can say the same thing for it.

Not that I haven't watched it. I did. And it felt truly like a Scream movie, which was awesome.

I watched the two Jeepers Creepers movies last night, and well.. I was a bit confused. I didn't understand until AFTER the movie, when I was on the wiki page for it, why the beast sewed parts up. Okay, I still don't understand why he sewed them up. Or preserved them. Or had that ceiling o' bodies. If someone can explain that to me?

Jeepers Creepers 2, I kept falling asleep on. Not a good sign.

I'm watching Sorority Row, which incidentally is on Showtime's BEYOND channel. I actually like this movie. I find it amusing and not too badly acted. Okay it's kind of silly, and poor Carrie Fisher has to take care of a bunch of spoiled bitches who get killed, but hey.. at least she's awesome?

More to come, soon, I hope.

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